LEVEKING develops solutions for Chinas baking industry

LEVEKING develops solutions for Chinas baking industry

 2024-05-18     Reviews

Experts, based on market insights, have made five recommendations for the high-quality development of China’s baking industry:

    1. Baking products should shift towards diversification, snacking, and fun to meet the ever-changing needs of young consumers.

    2. Baking enterprises should focus on developing and using higher-quality raw materials and healthy ingredients that combine functionality and nutrition, integrating them organically with baking products.

    3. Baking brands should adopt multi-channel digital marketing and live streaming, as online consumption is becoming the new trend in marketing.

    4. They should expand diverse and varied baking channels, continuously extending within the trends of new Chinese-style and cross-sector marketing.

    5. Under the carbon peak and carbon neutrality plans, it is expected that the future of China's baking industry will gradually practice low-carbon production concepts from upstream.

Combining the above five recommendations with our current product solutions and successful product case studies, LEVEKING has launched five major solutions to address the pain points of the baking industry:

  1. Meeting the needs of young consumers: As young consumers' awareness increases, they pay close attention to product labels and ingredient lists. LEVEKING advocates actively promoting the clean label movement to meet consumer demand.

  2. Providing high-quality functional raw materials for the market: The enzyme preparations and natural preservation solutions provided by biotechnology not only meet the requirements of relevant food regulations but also provide a series of internationally certified products for the baking industry, paving the way for product upgrades for customers.

  3. Key support for digital marketing: In cooperation with several leading domestic baking OEM companies, LEVEKING provides high-quality products for the digital live-stream marketing of baking products, helping these quality customers create new niche markets and new tracks for the baking industry.

  4. Meeting product preservation needs with diverse substitute solutions: In response to the current GB2760-2024 regulatory requirements, LEVEKING provides affordable, efficient, and regulation-compliant product alternatives for customers in the baking and related industries looking to replace sodium dehydroacetate or find natural and effective preservative and antibacterial formulas.

  5. Low-carbon biotechnology solutions: In addition to the existing enzyme preparations and natural preservation product systems, LEVEKING has developed functional sourdough powder for the baking industry using biotechnology fermentation technology. This sourdough powder offers excellent application solutions to address the issues of traditional preservatives and general natural preservation systems affecting fermentation and flavor.