Pulp & paper

The pulp and paper industry is challenged by manufacturing processes that have traditionally required large amounts of water, energy, and chemicals. Leveking’ solutions save resources and costs while improving the quality, performance, and appearance.

Enzymes augment many of the processes at the mills with less effort and better results. That means savings in electricity, water, and harsh chemicals, thereby reducing environmental impacts and providing cost savings for pulp and paper mills. 

 Solutions  Benefits
 Bio-sizing enzymes  Easy operation, good reproducibility and low cost.
 Replaced the oxidant used for surface sizing
 Improved the physical strength of paper
 Increased the bonding force between fibers
 No pollution
 Refining enzymes   Reduced the refining energy
 Improved the fiber yield
 Improved wastewater quality
 Savings in raw material costs
 Improvement in paper quality
 Reduced chemicals 
 Enzymatic Deinking Agent  Enhances the yield of recycled fibers
 Keeps good fiber characteristics 
 Reduces the use of papermaking chemicals
 Reduces stickiness
 Increases in whiteness and brightness
 Reduces 50% of BOD & COD at least
 Decreases the overall costs.