Partnering with LEVEKING Enzymes

LEVEKING is one of global expert in enzymes production. And our customers are our inspiration. Together with LEVEKING’s R&D team, our clients drive our continuous innovation and play an integral role in the development of new micro-organism strains for enzyme production. We Listen carefully to help develop individual solutions with our enzymes and add the value of your products for providing long-term profits. We share our knowledge with our customers to advance the science of food manufacturing.


LEVEKING markets enzymes and solutions in more than 30 countries world-wide, which puts us right by your side, wherever you are in the world. LEVEKING has built up many labs research from finding the culture to develop the application in different industries, as well as maintain close relations with universities and research institutions. Specific technical experienced assistance is available for your business challenges.


For nearly 15 years, LEVEKING has played a pioneering role in the production of enzymes in China. For example, we were the first to produce and export fungal lipase in China. All our R&D work resolves around our customers’ application and expectation. We have the know-how and the infrastructure to test and select the enzyme from hundreds of single enzymes for desired effect and improve them if necessary.


We offer our customers premium enzymes and ingredients solutions – of the highest possible quality. Regular audits, by both the internal and he renowned outside institutions, all ensure that only top-class products leave our plant and meet all the customers’ quality criteria. We have modern production plants with the latest facilities and highest standard operating procedures. The production is operated automatically by a modern process control and visual display system. Quality assurance guarantees conformity with HACCP standard. Quality is strict controlled from the raw materials to the finished products.