Feed Industry Innovation

LEVEKING are delivering innovative feed enzymes solutions for improving performance, profitability and environmental compliance

As the one of the industry leader in feed enzymes, we have developed unique enzyme solutions-Lenerzyme, a thermostable lipase researched according to the nutrition properties and digestion features in different growing phases of the animal. It has been approved by Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic Of China and obtained the product license for feed additives and the Product Approved No.: Feed Additives (2005) 1861.

As the leading lipase producer in the world, leveking has conducted many researches to determine the effect of lipase on animal growth performance, nutrient digestibility and economic profits. Thetrial results are summarized as following.

Research results showed that lipase of leveking could improve fat digestibility around 10% so as to increase energy digestibility and reduce diarrhea rate caused by fermentation of undigested fat in large intestine. The digestibility of corn oil, palm oil, soy oil and other fat in piglet and broilers are around 70%. Fat can provide 20% more energy than starch; so many feed mills have improved the proportion of added fat in feed. As the fat increases, the digestibility of fat decreases due to limited amount of endogenous lipase excretion, which resulting in high diarrhea rate. The addition of lipase significantly improves body weight gain and FCR at 3%-4%, and decreases diarrhea rate around 20%-30% in broiler feed and piglet feed.

Javierre, J. (2015) reported the lipase reduced fatty liver syndrome and abdominal fat of broilers. Similarly, many research results showed that lipase decreased abdominal fat so as to improve carcass rate at 2-4%. Lipase addition in layers diets can increase laying rate and decreases rate of fatty liver.

The lipase of leveking can optimize growth performance and decrease cost of per ton feed around 2$. The leveking lipase has super thermal stable genes. Based on enzyme activity analysis in pelleted feed with 90C conditioning and pelleting temperature, the recovery rate of leveking lipase was more than 80%. The leveking lipase (Lenerzyme) can resist acid and pepsin. Many research results showed there were no significant difference in growth performance between emulsifier and lipase and the combination of lipase and emulsifier could optimize growth performance in further. This product has been evaluated and used by many big feed mills and integrators to optimize profits.