Vegetable & Fruit Juice

Whether you’re focusing on making juice an enjoyable option for everyone, or wishing to create healthy, clean tasting, authentic juice products, Leveking can make it all possible.

Leveking’ solution squeeze more juice out of your vegetable and fruit, as well as removing haze-causing substances from the juice.

More and clearer juice, faster processing, firmer fruit, and more intense color are just some of the benefits our easy-to-use fruit processing enzymes have been bringing to customers worldwide.

We achieve this fruit and vegetable processing naturally, maintaining your product’s delicious taste and nutritional valueminimizing not only your costs but also waste and energy consumption.


Pectinlyase LVKPECT

Increases possible juice yields
Clarifies juices and improve filtering speed
Lowest volumes of pomace
- Degrades pectic polysaccharides in juice
Reduces processing time