Since 2001, LEVEKING has established five state-of-the-art plants in Shenzhen, Anhui and Ningxia that manufacture products for bio-enzyme.

Gentle processing, maximum adherence to the formulation and absolute safety and reliability are essential in the production of enzyme compounds and multi-enzyme compounds. The LEVEKING has decades of experience in the manufacture of sophisticated compounds of active ingredients.

- Easy-to-clean plant ensuring maximum quality and flexibility.

Central process control system enabling an unbroken line of documentation.

- Reliable traceability of batches of raw materials and packaging materials.

For Leveking a product’s quality is related to all aspects of the customer’s expectations. This means that product quality entails: 

- Value-adding performance in the customer’s process  

- Application safety, including toxicity, impurities, and risk of exposure

- Compliance with product registrations and customer approvals

- Stability

- Appearance

- Environmental friendliness of both product and production process