Animal Nutrition

Feed enzymes help increase the nutritional value of feed, enabling more sustainable and economical farming.

Leveking are committed to providing nutritional solutions for the production of quality food, while improve animal health, wellbeing and performance, also protecting the environment.

With a far-reaching global premix network for animal nutrition, we are close to you wherever you are in the world. Our specialist teams are able to deliver tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. 

We cover the following solution:

Heat-resistance alkaline lipase                                                                         

Maximizing Nutrient absorption

Superior bio-efficiency xylanase

We can help you:

Maximum nutrients utilization

- Improve animal growth performance

Minimal feeding cost


1. Lipase 

Lenerzyme® is leading heat-stable lipase. This lipase high-efficiently improve fat bioavailability to optimize animal growth performance and decrease diarrhea rate as well as feeding cost.


Supplement the insufficient of endogenous lipase in piglet and broilers

- Increase crude fat utilization by 10-12%, equivalently improving 50-70% Kcal/kg in formulated feed

Reduce fat added by fat utilization increase, which reduce diarrhea and fat liver incidence

Reduce feed cost and improve animal growth performance

2. Phytase

LEVEKING Phytase——Maximizing Nutrient absorption

Leveking thermostable phytase takes feed phytase to a new level. Our exceptionally powerful feed phytase delivers great increases in phosphorus available to the animal, improving performance and cutting costs.

Phosphorus, as an essential nutrient, is inaccessible when bound in dietary phytate, which is both a potential phosphorus source and an anti-nutrient factor to proteins, amino acids and minerals.

The enzyme has a wide PH range and shows the highest activity in PH 6.5 to 7.5 especially, which is most close to the digestive environment of the animal,. Therefore, it has a significant higher bio-efficacy than other commercial phytases.


Lower levels of inorganic phosphorus in diets

Increase utilization of amino acid and energy

Reduce feed costs

Better animal production and uniformity


Superior thermostable phytase is granulated for pelleted feed, premix systems, or those where feed is mildly processed, to increase the digestibility of phytate-bound phosphorus, calcium, energy and amino acids in animal diets. Our experts have ensured that leveking phytase is suited to all systems.

3. Xylanase

Levenase®—— Superior bio-efficiency xylanase

Levenase is a leading xylanase preparation with additional β-glucanase activity, delivering a stable and excellent performance in high temperature and low PH level. This xylanase and β-glucanase enzyme combination can achieve the great synergistic effect. The enzyme derives from a selected strain of Trichoderma Reesei.

Our xylanase is strongly available to degrade the anti-nutrition factors of soluble and insoluble non-starch polysaccharides (xylan and glucan) in high fiber diets. Meanwhile, it can break the cell wall and liberate the endogenous protease and amylase inside, aiming to enhance the digestibility of nutrients (protein and starch) in the feedstuff, improve the growth performance, decrease excrement viscosity and water excretion rate of the animal.


Hydrolyze the anti-nutritional factors in feedstuff effectively

Decrease the chyme viscosity and improve digestibility of nutrients (protein and starch)

Better performance of the animal and less excrement viscosity and water excretion rate

- Enhanced utilization of feed energy (by 60-120 kcal/kg)with high active enzymes working together 


Superior Bio-efficacy Xylanase offers customized product models applying to feedstuff for poultry and pig, offering you a better animal production with less cost.