Enzymes could be used in the dairy industry for the production of cheeses, yogurt and other dairy products, to make milk digestible, improve texture or flavor.

At Leveking, we believe our bright science can meet any challenge dairy presents - from cow to consumer. Developed by our dairy making experts in close collaboration with leading dairy industry universities and institutes, we produce and supply a complete range of specially designed dairy biotechnology ingredients for selected dairy applications.

We work closely with our customers to produce uniquely tailored solutions that significantly improve taste, texture and yield across a broad range of dairy products.

Protective Solutions:

Enhancing cheese flavor and freshness

- Controls lactic acid bacteria in dairy products

- Reduces processing time, leading to significant cost savings



Reduces syneresis (water loss) in yogurt

- Improves the texture of cheese


- Offers superior low-lactose milk product
- Increase the naturally sweeter of milk products
Reduces the likelihood of developing off-flavors